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8 Money-Saving Tips from Finance Bloggers

Popular finance blogs are full of smart strategies for paying down debt, negotiating lower prices, and much more. We scoured the sites for their writers' best advice.

By Christina Tynan-Wood

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Edwin Fotheringham
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Know What Triggers You to Shop
When I click to open the National Spending Journal blog (, these words greet me: "Often, consumers aren't aware of the underlying psychology that drives them to buy. Does the product trigger a nostalgic memory? Will it help you forget the bad day you just had?" Yes! That's me! This sort of pleasure-purchasing often happens to me at Target—I mean to grab shampoo and end up enthralled with a cappuccino machine. I know the drill—the best way to break the spell in a situation like that is to just walk away. For me, that's difficult. The next suggestion is to jot the must-have item on a list, which I tell myself I can bring shopping next time. But usually, said list looks silly when I get home and ends up in the garbage.

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