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Surprising Ways to Save Money Every Day

We've already told you about the best coupon sites, and how to slash your grocery bill and score travel deals. Now you can stash even more cash with our insider tips on dining out on a dime, practically free entertainment, and more.
Money-Saving Sites
Save money
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Jonathan Carlson

  • Think eBay, but with free goods, and you'll have To bid on items, users earn free credits by signing up, referring friends, and listing stuff. You can also buy 10 credits for $1. Auctions last seven days, and whoever bids the most credits wins.


  • Sell new gift cards for cash at for up to 92 percent of the card's value, donate them to a favorite charity, or purchase gift cards for as much as 30 percent off.


  • combines a buying guide with reviews to help customers save on purchases as diverse as air conditioners, cruises, rice cookers, and more. Pick a category (home & garden, electronics, travel, etc.), then search for a product—you'll get the breakdown on quality, tips on finding bargains, and links to retailers.


  • Don't let those deals from Groupon and other daily coupon sites go to waste. You can sell prepaid vouchers and buy deals you've missed the first time at Posts are free and sellers can set the price.

Save Money on Entertainment

Whether you watch on your iPhone, the tube, or your computer, Netflix streams thousands of movies, television shows and workout videos through over 250 types of devices like a Wii or Roku. Unlimited streaming is free with any Netflix membership, starting at just $10 per month.