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Whether the family pet is a dog or a cat (or something else entirely), here's everything you need to make sure the four-legged member of your family fits in with the rest of your brood.

 How to better understand your kitty.

 How to better understand your dog.

Trim your pet down to size for a happier, healthier life.

Is than anything cuter than a dressed-up pet? We found the funniest and trendiest costumes out there, starting at $6.  

Avoid these surprisingly common household hazards to keep your pets out of harm's way.

How to help your pet as the kids go back to school. 

If you're considering adopting a cat or dog, August 15 might be the perfect day to do it.

Celebrate the universal birthday for rescue pups.

Four-legged friends will impact your brood for the better if you choose them wisely.

Animal lovers, take note—opportunities abound for you to assist the vision impaired, military veterans and many others who could use some creature comfort.

Healthy, hearty and homemade, these pet treats will have your dog or cat begging for more.

Fleas, as tiny as they are, can be a major problem for pet owners. Here's how to treat your cat or dog—and prevent the pests from returning.

While you may love the flash and fun of summer fireworks, your pet does not. Here are expert-recommended ways to keep your fur baby calm and safe this holiday.

Local shelters and rescues can help you find the ideal four-legged friend. 

Pet safety tips for stress-free summertime get-togethers. 

Only the best make The American Kennel Club's list of Most Popular Breeds of 2014. Different as can be, these five pups really got tails wagging. 

Traveling over the holidays? Check out our head-to-tail advice on what to do with your pet while you're gone.