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Toys and Tips for Boosting Pet Dental Health

You brush your teeth every day -- but what about your dog's or cat's? "Most people have no idea that taking care of a pet's teeth will extend the animal's life," says Larry Corry, DVM, president of the American Veterinary Medical Association. "In fact, periodontal disease is the most commonly diagnosed problem in dogs and cats." Left unchecked, periodontitis can lead to painful infections, and in severe cases, become life-threatening because harmful mouth bacteria can enter the bloodstream and inflame other parts of the body. But don't fret. Use these tips and toys for getting your pet's mouth squeaky clean.

By Maridel Reyes

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Nylabone Plaque Attacker Dental Dinosaur
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The latest products will give your pet plenty of pleasure and keep his mouth healthy. "Any toy that you can make an indentation with your fingernail is a good bet to boost oral health, like rope toys or sheepskin toys," says Niemiec. Or you can look for pet food and approved toys by the Veterinary Oral Health Council (VOHC) that help reduce plaque and tartar. Check out our picks.

Nylabone Plaque Attacker Dental Dinosaur

These flexible dog chews toys are available in brontosaurus, tyrannosaurus rex, and stegosaurus shapes. Raised nubs attack plaque and tartar and the unique shape massages gums.

Available at, $7.99.

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