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Effective, Pet-Safe Cleaning Products

We all love our pets, but invariably they land in the doghouse for wreaking havoc on our carpets, couches, and other home surfaces. Dealing with the mess can be tricky; the ASPCA reports that poisoning from household cleaners is one of the top reasons for emergency phone calls from frantic owners. "There are many effective products that clean and remove odors without putting your pet at risk," says Julia Szabo, columnist for and author of Pretty Pet-Friendly (Wiley). Here are great options that get the job done while keeping your animal out of harm's way.

By Cheryl S. Grant

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Haan Slim & Light
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Problem: Dirt and grime

Product: Haan Slim & Light

Why It Works: This 5-pound wonder releases a 212 degrees Fahrenheit steam that lifts ground-in muck and bacteria from floors and carpets. Plus, it uses plain water so it's 100 percent natural.

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