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Maintaining a happy family is hard enough without having to worry about your friends or your husband. Here, experts share their best tips on how to be a better mother, wife and friend.

Suffocated by her mother’s towers of boxes, stacks of paper and piles of junk, Erin helped dig herself out and breathe again with a simple act of defiance.

Hoarding is persistent difficulty with discarding or parting with possessions.

Wedded bliss is not on the menu for Friends icon Lisa Kudrow in her comedy, Table 19, where she plays a cantankerous wife. Luckily her real life is happier.

This busy couple’s days revolve around helping others and enjoying time with their kids.

Then watch them go from clueless to capable.  

The only thing NBC News’ political director and moderator of Meet the Press loves more than life in the DC fast lane are his wife Kristian and kids Margaret, 12, and Harrison, 9.

From teen mom to engineer, entrepreneur, role model and advocate.

Barbara and Matt Lambert of NYC's Michelin-starred The Musket Room share their laid-back approach—and a holiday recipe.

This foodie mom already has a devoted fan base in daughters Riley, 4, and Ryan, 1, and her NBA phenom husband, Stephen Curry. 

"Working as a brother-sister team is sometimes challenging—especially when you have two strong alpha types! But we get things done."

Here’s what more than 1,000 of you told us about who your besties are, why you’ve lost touch with some BFFs and whether or not you think you’re a good friend. 

What families today are made of.

Simone Biles' loving family propels her to the Olympics.

Watch the latest video in P&G's "Thank You, Mom" campaign in honor of Mother's Day and the Rio 2016 Olympics.

Chris Harris Jr. of the Denver Broncos finds joy in faith, family and good works.

Dr. Janet Taylor on moods, relationships and life.