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Marital Discussions to Have Now

You Need to Name Guardians for Your Kids in Your Will

Conflict is almost certain to arise when a couple evaluates the merits and shortcomings of people who could raise their children. Your husband wants to choose his parents; you believe your brother is the only one who could come close to filling your shoes. You want someone liberal and laid-back, while he prefers a guardian who's serious and strict. There's also the person's age, health status, finances, and faith to take into account. Though it's normal to disagree, the two of you must make a decision. If you don't, a judge will appoint someone -- and it may not be the same choice you would have made. So compromise on a relative or friend (and name a few backups just in case), then ask if he or she is willing to assume responsibility before you put that person in your will. Review your selection every few years to make sure you feel that person is still the right choice.