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Why Marriage Makes You Fat (and What You Can Do About It)

Tempted by the Food of Another

Your husband isn't the only one keeping you from fitting into your skinny jeans. Here are Dr. Katz's tips for how to keep calories under control when you're around these common food pushers:

The generous coworker. Sidestep the kindhearted colleague who keeps a candy dish on her desk by bringing snacks like baby carrots, low-fat string cheese, and fresh fruit. Explain to her that you're trying to eat healthy, and ask that she not offer you treats.

The snack-happy kids. If you pick at your kids' treats, strive to bring less tempting stuff into the home -- without depriving them. "Choose the most nutritious food in every category, including crackers and cookies," says Dr. Katz, who keeps his kids happy with low-calorie Guiltless Gourmet chips and Newman-Os cookies. You'll be less likely to overeat -- and even if you do, it won't be as much of a dietary disaster.

The smothering mother. No matter how old you get, Mom may still feel the need to feed you. If it's affecting your weight, have a heart-to-heart with her and explain why eating healthier is important to you. Pose it as a plea for help and she'll be more likely to stop insisting you clean your plate.

Copyright © 2007. Used with permission from the November 1, 2007, issue of Family Circle magazine.