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Figuring out how to use modern technology may seem daunting. (Programming your DVR, anyone?) But we've got everything you need to know about keeping up with your kids. From where teens hang out online to text messaging to video games, our experts will guide you through the digital world.

Sometimes I'm stunned by the myopic viewpoints my daughter encounters in school, and so is she.

Truly connecting with your spouse, your kids or even a coworker isn’t a high-speed endeavor.

You've probably been hearing a lot about coding in the news lately, and perhaps wondered what it is. Simply put, coding is the act of writing a program using a programming language.

I am in the process of moving. I’m excited about my new house, but the move also has me jumpy. Every time I open a closet, I slam it shut in fear.

There I was at the airport, in a long line of jet-lagged travelers that was devolving into an angry mob before my eyes.

Family Circle editor Jonna Gallo and I were on a whirlwind tour of the Microsoft campus.

  In my job, I get to ask some of the biggest geeks in the world to explain the tools and features they build into the consumer electronics we all use.

They want the hippest, hottest tech stuff on the market. You don't want to buy something that will seem outdated (or worse, just lame) in a month. Solution?

Written by Rachel Macy Stafford, The Hands Free Mama    Before I began my Hands Free journey, I pushed and pressured and rushed my way through life until I became too busy to breathe.

  It’s been a rough month for phones in my house. My daughter dropped hers on the floor in the locker room at school and shattered the screen.

                      I've been covering technology since before my kids were born.

My daughter recently got her learner’s permit. My son has been driving for about a year.

I have two teenagers, and I know a lot of things about these complicated young people. Here are two: They like to text so much that it’s become the best way to talk to them.

  My daughter is a bit of a shutterbug. When she was 8, she would grab my big, fancy (and expensive!) DSLR camera away from me and run around taking pictures with it.

These mobile apps can help protect your family and offer you peace of mind.

Google’s Auto Awesome tool can help you find your holiday spirit. I’ve been so busy this holiday season that I've had a hard time getting into the spirit.

If you are among the 141 million people who shopped online on Cyber Monday or participated in the brawl that was Black Friday, and if you put any technology in your cart, I encour