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Extra! Extra! Compare E-Book Readers

Today's e-readers speak volumes: As in, you can pack hundreds of books into one sleek gadget. Thanks to significant price cuts, the time to buy is now.

By Christina Tynan-Wood

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Amazon Kindle
Bryan McCay
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Kindle (Amazon)

Overall dimensions: 7.5" x 4.8" x 0.335"

Screen size (for all units measured diagonally):

Weight: 8.7 ounces

At $139, the latest generation Wi-Fi–only Kindle is a supersweet deal—provided that you typically hover in Wi-Fi range. If you don't, you probably want to spring for the 3G model, $189, which lets you search and download via a high-speed data network at no charge, even when there's no Wi-Fi around for miles. Either way, the newest Kindle is so sleek and light—scarcely more than half a pound—that you can toss it into even a smallish bag and have enough reading material to last a lifetime.

The unit is trimmer and lighter than previous generations, and one good charge on the battery will hold you for a while, up to a month. The screen is uncanny in its resemblance to genuine paper, thanks to a painstakingly calibrated contrast. Useful extras galore include the ability to post articles from periodicals to Facebook right from your device. In fact, it's hard to think of a reason not to get one of these—even if you cling like a mollusk to the experience of reading printed, bound books.

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