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Extra! Extra! Compare E-Book Readers

Today's e-readers speak volumes: As in, you can pack hundreds of books into one sleek gadget. Thanks to significant price cuts, the time to buy is now.

By Christina Tynan-Wood

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Sony Reader Daily Edition
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Reader Daily Edition (Sony)

Overall dimensions: not available at press time

Screen size: 7"

Weight: 8.99 ounces

When it comes to scratching the itch to curl up with a book, the Sony Reader gets the tactile sensation right—it has just about the same heft in the hand, and the screen-only design provides a book-like experience. The e-ink screen looks like paper, with slightly more glass-like glare than the Kindle or Nook. (A company rep says the newest version of the Daily Edition, not available for testing at press time, has a more paper-like look due to an e-ink tech update.)

Among the several Sony options, the Daily Edition, $299, is the only one that delivers periodicals wirelessly the way the Nook and Kindle do. Tap its touchscreen to navigate, shop, highlight passages, or jot notes with the cool included notebook app. A big plus is that you can check books out from the library over the Internet, though you have to connect the Reader to a computer to complete the transaction. However, you'd have to do that quite a few times to make up the difference in price between the Reader Daily Edition and the Kindle or Nook.

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