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One Family's Extreme Tech Makeover

Time Management

"Between our work commitments and all the kids' stuff -- music lessons, baseball games, orthodontist appointments -- the paper calendar on the fridge just isn't cutting it anymore. Ideally, my husband and I would have the ability to check a master schedule from anywhere and receive a reminder if we're on the verge of missing something."

The Solution: Google Calendar

This ingenious invention allows for easy management of dozens of different schedules; you can access them from any computer or even your cell phone. Within minutes Angela had set up individual calendars for every member of the family and plugged in school functions, sports events, and appointments. "Where has this been all my life?" she asked when she had everyone's lives mapped out in front of her.

One of Angela's favorite features allows her to update her schedule via cell phone. She can shoot a quick text message to her calendar with the phrase "swim meet 3 p.m. Monday" and it gets noted in seconds. She can also receive texts to remind her when an event is imminent or something needs to be taken care of.

Getting her kids to interact with the calendar was a tough sell, so she came up with an incentive plan: "I added fun events to their calendars that rewarded them for checking, like 'ice cream at 2 p.m.' Imagine my son's disappointment as he watched his sister down a cone simply because she checked her calendar and he didn't!"