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One Family's Extreme Tech Makeover

Internet Safety

Besides safeguarding the computer from Max's downloads, Angela wanted to protect her kids on the Net. "They should be able to do school research without having pornography flash in their faces," she says.

The Solution: Security and Web monitoring software

Security software is a must for every computer used for Internet access, especially those with broadband. In addition to PC tune-ups, Norton 360 also provides tools to keep hackers at bay while protecting against viruses and spyware. There's an add-on pack you can download from Symantec's Web site that filters out nasty sites and stops creepy spam from landing in kids' in-boxes. While other tools on the market (such as Net Nanny) offer more parental control, Angela decided to start with Norton's basic filtering options. "I have to be in the room anyway to make sure they're not playing games instead of studying," she says. "There's no substitute for being present when a child is online."