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One Family's Extreme Tech Makeover

Digital Photo Organization

Angela switched to a digital camera a few years ago, but now the family photos are less organized than when she got envelopes full of prints. "I know my photos are on my computer -- somewhere," she says. "I used to make albums so we could look at pictures whenever we wanted. Now you need a degree in computer science to find a snapshot in our house."

The Solution: Picasa and digital photo frames

Picasa is another convenient -- and free! -- tool from Google. It scans your computer's entire hard drive, extracts images and neatly displays them as thumbnails. You can cherry-pick the best and delete the duds, then upload to popular sites like,, or, or share via Picasa's Web album feature.

The next step was putting a few favorite photos on display where everyone could enjoy them. Angela plugged two Pandigital frames into her computer and dragged the photos onto the frames' icons on her desktop, then set the frames to display a continuous slide show of images. She liked them so much she decided to buy a frame for her parents.