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Top Tech Gifts for Dads and Grads

Here it is, June again: Father's Day festivities on the third Sunday and graduations all month as kids move from grade to middle to high school to college and beyond. Skip the tie (y-a-w-n). Resist the same-old gift card. We live in amazing times, so why not give a gift that reflects that? Tablet computers are changing the way people communicate, work and play. Searching for a too-elusive Wi-Fi signal is a thing of the past. Even on a budget that's closer to pen than Porsche, you have plenty of options.

By Dan Tynan and Christina Tynan Wood

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Nintendo 3DS
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Nintendo 3DS

With 3-D all the rage, it's only natural that a handheld game console with that capability could make a major splash—and it has. The big news is that the 3-D effects don't require any special glasses whatsoever. Other desirable features include the ability to adjust (or turn off altogether) the 3-D effect with the Depth Slider, stereo cameras that can take 3D photos, plenty of built-in software and broad compatibility with other Nintendo DS products.

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