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Tablet Shopping for Your Teen

Reading Is Fundamental: Four Great Reading Apps

Kindle: With this app, any tablet, smartphone or computer can function as an e-reader. The next time your daughter insists she can't do her homework because she left Moby Dick at school, tell her to download it from the Kindle Store and get busy. Many of the classics that make up teachers' required reading lists are out of copyright protection now and free for Kindle. iTunes, Google Play and Windows Store, free

Audible: Wouldn't it be great if your teenager could read while he cleans his room? Not a problem. has a huge collection of audiobooks and an app for most tablets and smartphones. Drop the app on his device and the days of him having to set aside time to read are over. Membership costs $7.50 for the first three months, then $14.95 per month. iTunes, Google Play and Windows Store, free

Providence eLearning Books on iBooks: Textbooks are heavy—not to mention mostly boring, compared with the media-rich Internet. This app is the answer. Download books (there are 200,000 or so from kindergarten level up, starting at $13) or read them online with any Web browser. Built-in flash cards and multimedia extras make these books much more interesting than the paper kind. Plus the ability to add digital sticky notes and highlighting encourages the development of solid study skills. Best of all, no more 20-pound backpack. iTunes, Google Play and, free