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TV Your Way: Digital Video Recorders

Say goodbye to commercials -- and hello to convenience -- with digital video recorders.
TV Your Way
TV Your Way
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Illustration by Chris Philpot

Too busy to catch the latest episode of Friday Night Lights? Tired of trying to persuade your daughter to do her homework instead of watching The Hills? Your family could benefit from a digital video recorder (DVR). Nearly 14 million people have jumped onto the DVR bandwagon, and here's why:

  • Convenience: DVRs allow you to record television programs when they air but watch them later, according to your own schedule.
  • Control: You can fast-forward through commercials, rewind to hear a joke you didn't quite catch, or pause to answer the telephone.
  • Ease: Using the programming guide, you can select a show to record by name, rather than by time. For example, type "Hannah Montana" via an on-screen keyboard and select whether you want to record a specific episode or all future shows -- and even skip reruns.
  • Search Capability: Keywords let you find shows with your favorite themes or performers. Enter "George Clooney" and every TV program or movie with his name in the listing will be recorded.

Which system is right for you? It depends on how much you want to pay -- and how much time you have to play.