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TV Your Way: Digital Video Recorders

Choose Your Channel: New Addition Moxi ($$$)

You're a tech-savvy "early adopter" who wants to access Internet video, music, and digital photos -- as well as regular television programming -- through your TV.

Moxi is currently being offered to some cable subscribers but will soon be available in stores. Its high-speed search capabilities and filters let you quickly find the programs you want to record (which will become more important as consumers are faced with seemingly infinite television and Internet options).

Moxi also boasts rich graphics and a quarter-screen live TV view that keeps you tuned in to one program while searching for something else to watch.

Cost: Boxes start at $1,000. A high-definition box includes a DVD player and streams video, pictures, and music from a PC to the TV. Games like solitaire, poker, and sudoku are also available. As of press time, Moxi subscription fees were still being determined.