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Geocaching for Families

Looking for something to do with the kids at home or on vacation? Try geocaching, a scavenger hunt with a high-tech twist.

By Diane Bair and Pamela Wright

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GPS unit
Nick Higgins
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What Kind of Equipment Do We Need?

Once you've gone to to find the coordinates where your cache is located, you'll need a GPS unit or GPS-enabled mobile phone. There are also some units that come preloaded with coordinates.

Basic GPS handhelds start at around $100. The new Geomate.jr ($70) is an easy-to-use unit designed specifically for geocaching families. It's already preloaded with coordinates of about 250,000 geocaches across the U.S., which means you don't need an Internet connection. The Garmin eTrex H ($100) is a popular choice, with good reception and simple directions. For more info, visit

If you want to try geocaching before buying a GPS, rent handheld units for as low as $4 a day (without shipping), from companies like, 888-799-6356;, 877-447-7864; and, 866-994-4537.

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