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Great Adventures: Thrill-Filled Family Vacations

We rounded up some unforgettable family vacations that offer families real-life thrills: swim with dolphins, ride the rapids, or go where the buffalo roam free.

Peg Rosen

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Anthony's Key Resort
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Anthony's Key Resort, Roatan, Bay Islands, Honduras

Magical Moment: Explore the deep blue sea with schools of tropical fish -- or sign up for a dolphin encounter -- while staying at a Honduran hideaway.

Nonstop Action: A two- to three-hour flight from Miami, Houston, or Atlanta brings you to the breezy casitas of Anthony's Key Resort in Roatan. Diving excursions, snorkeling, horseback riding, and more are all included in one price. For an extra fee, kids and adults can sign up for the Dolphin Diving Camp (summer only; $84 per person per day).

Bonus Attraction: Snorkel right off the beach in the longest barrier reef in the hemisphere, teeming with octopus, eel, and parrot fish.

Admission: Seven-night all-inclusive packages start at $928 for adults and kids over 10; kids 5-9, $899 (800-227-3483).

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