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My Hometown: Plymouth, Massachusetts

For Susan Wentworth and Ron Reilly's blended family, Plymouth is more than part of our country's history. It's the site of countless lacrosse games and Thanksgiving traditions.

By Caren Oppenheim

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Susan Wentworth and Ron Reilly?s family
Margaret Lampert
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Population: 7,931

Famous for: The first Thanksgiving involving the Pilgrims and the Wampanoag tribe, held at Plymouth Plantation in the fall of 1621 to celebrate the colony's harvest.

Our Plymouth Family: Susan and Ron with kids (clockwise), Patrick, 15; Jessica, 18; Sarah, 13; Matthew, 17; and Cameron, 12.

Ron and I were both born in different Boston suburbs and settled in Plymouth with our first spouses. Years later mutual friends introduced us and we began dating. We just celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary in August. We've been really lucky with the blending of our families since our kids are close in age—they've meshed together wonderfully. We're always busy with various organizations and causes, after-school commitments, and sightseeing—it never gets old, even for us!

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