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Road Trip: One Family, Seven Days

One family, seven days, and a 31-foot motor home -- come along for the ride.

By Richard Laliberte

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Family with rv illo
Juliette Borda
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Day 1: All Aboard

We pick up a Winnebago from a dealership near Rachelle's Iowa hometown, and owner Joe Hurley patiently explains the vehicle's many systems, especially the generator and sewage tanks. Minivans and Greyhounds now feel like the wrong points of reference: An RV is real estate -- with all the infrastructure of a home. Behind the wheel the world shrinks: Driving lanes, traffic openings, and parking spaces become tighter. But shifting and braking work just like a car, large side mirrors help you navigate traffic and a dashboard video screen shows the area just behind the vehicle. Still, Rachelle insists, "You can drive."

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