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Volunteering & Charity

It may sound old-school, but having a bake sale or helping out in a soup kitchen still earn altruism points. Here, some volunteer opportunities for your kids or the whole family.

Emma Rose Shapiro creates happy memories for underprivileged kids by helping them get in the Halloween spirit.

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Thank your child's teacher with these cards.

How one special dog helped an autistic child.

Marissa Hacker's organization offers fun get-togethers and social events for special-needs kids, like her autistic twin.

One mom's sociable approach to giving back.

Amanda McQuade sparked a grassroots movement to feed the hungry in her community.

Thanks to Marissa Vogel, thousands of kids have learned the true meaning of charity through volunteering.

At a Dress for Success benefit, an editor learns how the organization helps women get back into the workforce.

Pam Gaber came up with a doggone good idea to help children in her community by using therapy dogs.

A Marine Corps vet helps children who have lost a parent in the military.

Throwing birthday parties for needy kids is the gift that keeps on giving.  

How an accidental teacher changed a community, one handmade toy at a time.

When it comes to sick children and their families, Lori Lee knows that sharing truly is caring. 

Joan M. Cheever’s Chow Train provides meals-on- wheels to the homeless. 

Real estate agent Tami Pardee is brokering great deals for charity.