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We're Obsessed With the New Starbucks Holiday Cup

Starbucks DIY holiday cup

This one is for those of us who don’t get mad at premature mall Christmas trees… and if you’re like us in our New York office, you can agree that a red cup is another sure sign of the holidays. This year, however, the coffee authority has broken from tradition with a do-it-yourself holiday cup. Think: adult coloring book meets the best part of your day –  your coffee. We’re not sure how it could get any better than that.


Naturally, upon hearing the news of the customizable cups (which were unveiled in Starbucks across the country this morning) a group of us marched right over to the closest store and ordered our favorite holiday drinks. Check out two of the designs we created.

It’s super easy to add a pop of your favorite color, draw a little outfit on the mermaid, or even make a coffee cup scarf? (Okay, we went a little overboard, we know!). Something you would ordinarily just toss out is now a work of art, so put it on your desk and repurpose it as your new holiday pencil cup. Plus, most of us can agree there’s something so satisfying and meditative about coloring in the lines, it’s pretty meditative. Thanks for the zen and holiday cheer, Starbucks! 

Check out others’ creations on Instagram by searching #starbucksredcup. Now go get coloring!