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Walk It Off: Tone Your Trouble Spots

It's getting warmer, and we'll soon be wearing less and revealing more. That means it's time to add some strengthening moves to your daily walk. Try this workout every other day and eat right, and in a month you'll whittle your waistline, define those arms, shrink your backside, and shed about 8 pounds.

By Margit Feury Ragland

Our Body-Slimming Plan

A 30-minute workout


5-minute warm-up: Walk at a comfortable pace.


Speed it up: You can talk but only in short sentences.


Tone your arms:

bench dips
Enlarge Image
Sarah Kehoe

bench dips
Enlarge Image
Sarah Kehoe

Pick Up the Pace 11:01-15:00

Quick steps: Return to your walk, moving briskly.


Tighten your tush:

Calf raises
Enlarge Image
Sarah Kehoe

If these calf raises start to feel too easy, try doing them while balancing on just one foot.


Push it: You can hear your breath as you walk.


Cool-down: Slowly bring your breathing back to normal.


Flatten that belly -- you can do these on a rug in your home:


Originally published in the April 1, 2009, issue of Family Circle magazine.

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