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How to Plan a Teen Party

Help your kid host a celebration that's safe, fun and controlled, while winning some serious parent points.

By Julie Metz

Most moms and dads can remember when their kids were little, totally dependent on adults to plan every birthday-party detail. Well now you have a teenager. And she's begging you to let her throw a party for what seems like the entire school—and wants you to pay for it. Oh, but would you mind driving to another state on the big night? (As if.) Luckily, parent-sanctioned events don't have to be uncool. With the help of my Facebook friends (other moms and dads who shared their party experiences), my 14-year-old daughter, her friend and our two families planned—and survived—our first teen celebration. I'm proud to say the night was a safe, satisfying success. Here's what we learned.

Prep Work

Party Time

Wrap It Up
Popcorn for party
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Originally published in the August 2011 issue of Family Circle magazine.