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How to Raise a Financially Responsible College Student

Sending off a child to college? Use these checklists to discuss spending with your freshman -- before she leaves and during the year.

By Stephanie Emma Pfeffer

Before She Leaves

During the Semester

Sources: Paul F. Goebel, Senior Director of the Money Management Center at the University of North Texas; Ted Bovard, Managing Director and Principal at Fort Pitt Capital Group in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Ask Paul

Q. Should a student have a job at college?

A. Research shows that students who work part-time have higher grade point averages than students who don't work, says Goebel, who believes working can help students become more focused and organized. "But students should remember it's good grades—not a paycheck—that will keep them enrolled and progressing towards graduation," he says. And they may want to hold off until sophomore year, after they've adjusted to college life.