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Dye Hair at Home and Get Salon-Style Results


Dyeing hair

How to Achieve Salon-Quality Color at Home:
  • First, apply Vaseline around your hairline to protect your skin from stains. And make sure to wear the gloves that come in the box -- color stains hands too.

  • Don't start applying willy-nilly: Divide hair into four quadrants -- sideways from ear to ear, and vertically from forehead to the nape of the neck. Secure each with a clip. Work the bottle through one section at a time, then clip the hair out of the way and move on to the next section. This ensures that your entire head gets equal treatment.

  • Just doing roots? Coat ends with conditioner to act as a barrier, so even if color drips, it won't absorb.

  • For all-over color, apply to roots only for the first 20 minutes, then comb through to ends for the remaining 10 minutes -- this makes for more natural-looking results. (Don't do this if you have highlights, though -- they'll disappear entirely.)

  • Gray hair can be more resistant to color, so pros swear by Ardell Gray Magic Color Additive, $6. Add four to five drops to your mix and shake.