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Diet Success Stories: How I Lost Weight


Christie Joyce Bautista

Christie Joyce Bautista

Home: Los Angeles

Age: 36, mom of one

Pounds Lost: 20 pounds

Weight Wake-Up Call: I saw pro boxer Manny Pacquiao step on a scale before a fight and realized I weighed as much as he did!

How I Lost It: My best friend asked me to do a POUND workout with her. It's a cardio class that uses weighted drumsticks. That session kicked my butt. Still, I couldn't stop smiling and was hooked. Eating six small meals a day, never skipping breakfast and logging workouts and snacks on the MyFitnessPal app also helped. In 10 months I was a new woman.

Favorite Workout Move: The back kick twist: It's an ab twist with alternating leg raises that works your entire core all at once.

Go-to Healthy Dish: Turkey meatloaf muffins: ground turkey mixed with seasonings and baked in a muffin tray, with veggies on the side.

Fun Thing I Can Do Now: I became a certified POUND instructor! I love seeing that I'm making a difference in my students' lives.

Stay-Motivated Mantra: Be an inspiration.