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Diet Success Stories: How I Lost Weight


Damaris Rivera
Damaris Rivera

Home: Cleveland

Age: 44, mom of two

Pounds Lost: 61 pounds

Weight Wake-Up Call: While clothes shopping with my daughter, I didn't want to come out of the dressing room. My self-esteem was so low, and I regretted showing her how insecure I was.

How I Lost It: After seeing a Jenny Craig commercial, I picked up the phone. It took a year but I never felt like I was on a diet—I had Chocolate Cheesecake on my menu!—and my consultant, Amy, motivated me every step of the way.

Favorite Workout Move: Prasarita Padottanasana, a forward-bend yoga pose with legs spread wide apart. The breathing method strengthens my lungs for running, and the move stretches my hamstrings.

Go-to Healthy Dish: Grilled chicken with teriyaki sauce, brown rice and vegetables.

Fun Thing I Can Do Now: Wear dresses and 3-inch platform heels! When I was heavier, I always wore jeans with elastic waistbands and Crocs. Now my daughter and I share jeans and raid each other's closets!

Stay-Motivated Mantra: You've got to get up every morning with determination to go to bed with satisfaction.