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My Hometown: Olympia, Washington


Chambers Block, Olympia, WA

Our downtown is historic and several of its buildings, like those on Chambers Block, date back to the 1880s. At Sherburne Antiques & Fine Art I browse old maps of the area from the 19th century. The kids stop in Matter Gallery to check out one-of-a-kind sculptures made from recycled materials like bowling balls, pencil erasers, and bottle caps.

Abe's a budding artist and his talent hasn't gone unnoticed. Last fall the owner of Eastside Big Tom, a drive-thru burger joint, saw his work on a nearby building and asked Abe and his friend to decorate a wall next to the seating area. The boys spent three weeks painting and the result was a mural featuring space cats and a hungry alien—strange-sounding but hilarious!