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Saving Face: 4 Simple Skin Solutions


Flawless skin
Skin Challenge: Lip Lines

The Cause: Muscles in the upper lip weaken from pursing lips and other everyday movements, resulting in lines, cracks, and thinning, says Dr. Murad. Smoking—as if you needed another reason not to—dramatically worsens these signs of aging.

Help It: Gently (please!) exfoliating lips and the surrounding area with a dampened toothbrush is a quick way to improve the skin's appearance, suggests Dr. Murad. Then apply Neutrogena Revitalizing Lip Balm SPF 20, $9, to restore smoothness and definition within a week.

Hide It: If you are time-crunched you can fake it with a plumper—when lips seem fuller, lines are automatically less visible. We like Sally Hansen Lip Shimmer Plumping Balm, $10, for its non-tingling formula and tiny golden flecks that make your pout look even more luscious. Or downplay lines by prepping lips with a primer that evens out texture. Try Pixi Lip & Line Primer, $18. In a pinch, dabbing on a little foundation can do the trick too, says Viktorija Bowers, a makeup artist in NYC. Finish with matching liner and lipstick.