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Homemade for the Holidays: Easy Felt Crafts


Circles stocking
Circles Stocking

Here's how: Using an iron on medium heat, adhere freezer paper waxy-side down to a piece of felt. Trace stocking circles onto felt and cut out, using pinking shears on some circles. Peel off freezer paper and glue circles onto stocking with quick-setting gel glue. Cut more freezer paper to 5-x-7-inch sheets and flatten under a stack of books. Print out starburst templates onto freezer paper sheets, adhere freezer paper to felt as above. Cut out shapes and glue onto circles.

" href="/dyn/dyn/servlet/securePdf.dyn?file=/fc/securepdf/Circles-Template.pdf®Source=6142">Get the circles template" href="/dyn/dyn/servlet/securePdf.dyn?file=/fc/securepdf/StarburstsTemplate.pdf®Source=6142">Get the starburst template