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Tween Room Mini Makeovers!


No Sticker Shock

No Sticker Shock

Part of letting kids go as they grow is letting them decorate their own rooms. Within reason, of course! That's why we asked ace crafters Kitty and Jennifer O'Neil (ONeilSisters.com) to come up with decorating projects that kids and moms would love. The ideas have just enough style to satisfy tweens' and teens' budding sense of style, but aren't so out there (or permanent) that they can't be updated or replaced in a few years. Fun idea: If you're looking for an original gift, give your child the supplies to create one of these projects!

For starters, a huge wall decal can transform a kid's room without a lot of sticker shock (we're talking price or permanent damage). Such decals come in all sorts of shapes and styles, including boy-friendly skateboarders, windsurfers, or snowboarders in mid-air. Another idea: Cover the front of a dresser with a massive decal and slit it so the drawers still open. Now that's cool!