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Tips for Quicker Healthy Meals


Easy as Pie

Okay, all together now: Eating fresh or minimally processed food is healthiest. Of course, a lot easier said than done when time is tight. Prepping meals in advance is a fairly foolproof strategy but not always possible. Luckily, savvy companies have come up with appealing ways to cut corners in the kitchen, without sacrificing nutrition. Some food for thought:

Easy As Pie

True, this isn't quite as simple as calling your local pizzeria and waiting for the doorbell to ring. But with a stash of Rustic Crust's Great Grain Pizza Crust ($3) and Old World Pizza Sauce (3 packs/$4), you can get dinner on the table in less than half an hour (often faster than delivery!). Each slice is only 140 calories, with 2g fat and 5g fiber. Top the pie with your favorite low-fat cheese blend (1/4 cup will add only 100 calories) and then pile on plenty of veggies to make a satisfying slice.