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Making Time for Me


Woman shopping
Go Shopping, Solo

Even if you're just heading to the market for groceries, there's something so pleasurable about doing it alone, many moms say, that it becomes a getaway in disguise. "I can wander and let my thoughts wander without having to deal with the whining of small people," says Peterson, the professor. And afterward, there's that achievement buzz that comes from knocking another item off your to-do list. Win-win.

Giving your undivided attention to one task—no matter what it is—can be very restful for the brain, says life coach Ryan. That's true for Motherboard spokesmom Maureen Petrosky. "I've found that when you have to balance two completely different components of your life—like work and family—it's easy to be worrying about the one you are not actually present in. For instance, I find myself checking my phone and e-mail while I'm with the kids, and vice versa—when I'm at work I'm checking to see that the kids are okay. Instead, I've found that if I pay attention to the moment I am in, whatever that moment is, I get so much more done and enjoy it so much more," she says.

Motherboard spokesmom Maureen Petrosky