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Making Time for Me


Pencil In a Pedi

This one ranks high among moms, for good reason: "Especially if you're a stay-at-home mom, you can retreat into sweatpants-land," says Carley Knobloch, a Los Angeles-based life coach, mom, and founder of Digitwirl, a weekly web show about using technology to simplify your life. "There's a part of your brain that wants to know what the heck happened to the stylish, put-together person you once were. A pedicure is a small gesture, but it can reassure you—and the world—that underneath the sweatpants is a woman who does care about her appearance."

"I first started getting pedicures when my son was an infant," says Joy Myers, a PR consultant in Birmingham, Alabama. "My mother-in-law actually insisted on taking me, to get me out of the house. I still do it to this day, even though my son is in school and not nearly as demanding of my time."

Myers points out that a pedicure meets several needs: "It's a quick escape that doesn't take a lot of planning. It's quiet—no one expects you to talk if you don't want to—and it doesn't kill the budget. A pedicure is a taste of the spa world that works for me. And I have beautiful painted toes as a result that I can admire for weeks after!" Even if you have to do it yourself, a pedicure provides a mood boost that lasts far beyond the 30 minutes you took to give yourself one.