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Easy, Healthy New Year's Resolutions


mother hugging children

1. Cut yourself some slack.

That's the resolution New York City-based writer and mom to 7-year-old twin girls Stephanie Dolgoff makes every year—and sometimes manages to keep. "Most of my angst, whether it's about motherhood, the life/family balance thing, or work, has to do with holding myself to too-high expectations and then falling short," she says. Lowering her standards in a healthy way—like not stressing over a less-than-perfect afternoon at the museum—allows her to actually get things done without driving herself nutty.

It's a good goal, says New York psychologist Susan Bartell, Ph.D.: "Guilt that you're not doing something perfectly or as well as the next mom, or that you're not devoting enough time or effort to home, kids, or work will not make you feel better." Let it go, knowing you're doing the best you can for your family and yourself. If that means serving cereal for dinner, so be it (at least it's fortified)!