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Easy, Healthy New Year's Resolutions


woman eating salad
2. Quit the clean plate club.

When is the last time you left the dinner table with food still on your plate? In a culture where women are simultaneously advised to slash calories and clean our plates (there are starving children in Africa, after all!), many of us have lost the ability to effectively gauge our hunger.

Kathryn A. Allen, R.D., director of nutrition therapy at the Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa, suggests eating until you are 80 percent full—not 110 percent overstuffed—a practice called hara hachi bu ("eight-tenths belly") by Okinawans, who have one of the world's highest rates of living to 100. Once you feel comfortably satisfied, save the rest for leftovers. "Don't turn yourself into a human garbage can by eating food when you're not hungry, just to keep from throwing it away," she says. Not only will you keep your skinny jeans buttoned, you may live to see even more New Year's Eves.