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Great Whole-Grain Recipes


Great Grains

Grain Glossary

The origins and best uses of ancient grains, according to experts at Bob's Red Mill.

Farro: This variety of wheat popular in Italy works well in casseroles and stews. Pearled faro cooks faster but is less nutritious than whole grain.

Spelt: Originating in the Near East more than 8,000 years ago, this relative of durum wheat is chewy and nutty, making it perfect for soups and pilafs.

Kamut: Some claim this ancient wheat was found in King Tut's tomb; others say Noah carried it in his ark. Kamut is great for salads, soups and stews.

Millet: First farmed nearly 10,000 years ago in China, this gluten-free grain was considered a sacred crop. Its mild, sweet flavor works well in sweet and savory dishes—it can even be baked into breads.

Chia: Aztec warriors depended on chia—actually a tiny seed—to boost endurance. Nutty in flavor and gluten-free, it's ideal for puddings, smoothies and baked goods.