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Transforming an Attic into a Home Office


Home office

Many people say to me when I see their house for the first time: "We are living here now, but someday we'll have our dream home" or "Excuse the mess, our house is not ideal for our busy family, so we aren't very organized." The other thing I hear is: "Once the economy improves, we'll be building the house we really want, but for now we're staying put."

In this recession, I've started to see people get creative with their present homes. Instead of living in limbo waiting for their dream house to become a reality, they're making improvements to their current places so they can enjoy them again.

This makeover is a great example of homeowners doing just that. Attics and basements are often forgotten spaces. However, once you realize they could be usable extensions of your living space, you'll see that they have much to offer. This family did, and transformed a cluttered, unfinished attic into a warm, inviting home office with touches of the American southwest, Tuscany and the south of France—the style of their dream home.