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Avoid Winter Weight Gain: 8 Easy Exercise Moves



When the temperature drops, there's probably just one number you dread seeing climb: your weight. Concealing coats, cold weather and everything from the Thanksgiving pumpkin pie you baked to Valentine's Day truffles courtesy of your husband conspire to expand your waistline. But you can greet spring with your figure intact. First, follow this effective strength-training routine from exercise expert Suzanne Bowen, star of the Gorgeous Core DVD and creator of the BarreAmped Fitness Method. "You'll burn fat and build lean muscle mass, which will help prevent weight gain," says Bowen. These moves work multiple muscles simultaneously, and our smart tips will keep your motivation—and your metabolism—soaring.

The Workout
—Favorite jeans a little tight? Do all moves and repeat sequence twice.
—Denims fit just right? Keep it that way by doing the sequence just once.
—Knock out this workout 3 or 4 days per week.

No Butts About It
Works legs, butt, and core

Stand with a chair on your right for support and your left hand on your hip. Step into lunge position with your right leg, keeping right knee aligned with ankle and thigh parallel to the floor. Return to standing and lift your left knee while contracting right leg and hip. Repeat sequence as quickly as you can for 30 seconds, then switch sides.

Take it up a notch: Pick up the pace or place both hands on hips.