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The Belly Bloat Cure Diet


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Muffin top. Belly pooch. Jelly roll. The names we come up with may be cute, but the impression tight waistbands leave on your stomach isn't. Thankfully, you can give the button on your jeans a break by avoiding foods that are hard to digest, cause you to retain water or produce excess gas. We cut back on these midriff offenders in our bloat-busting menu, created by Maggie Moon, R.D., an instructor at Brooklyn College's department of health and nutrition sciences. "You could see an inch of difference in just three days," says Moon. "You'll also reduce inflammation, a condition linked to heart disease, cancer and diabetes." That's because fried and salty meals get the boot on this plan. Turns out trimming your tummy is good for your whole body.

Your 3-Day Meal Plan

For a real gut reaction, we're watching calories—there's about 1,800 per day—and requiring 30 minutes of activity (walking, biking) daily. Feel free to swap meals from different pages, and pick your beverage (tea or water with cucumber or lemon) for each dish. Skip the a.m. snack or dessert for better results.