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50 Easy Decorating Ideas Under $50


Wood table with linen runner

1. The next time you entertain, set the scene with a chic linen runner. So simple, yet it makes your dishes and centerpiece the standouts. Bonus: Ironing is a snap.
—Rosanna Bowles, designer

2. Give your entry oomph with an adventurously painted front door. Think high-gloss yellow, green, blue or even pink for maximum impact.
—John Loecke and Jason Oliver Nixon, Madcap Cottage

3. Bring home a rex begonia. The spectacular spiral-leafed plants—waxy or fuzzy, streaked and splashed with silver, pink or purple—are instant magic in an interior.
—David Stark, David Stark Design

4. Keep family photos current. Instead of framing, put snapshots in an attractive bowl on a table where everyone can sift through them. Trade old images with new ones every few months or so.