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How to Make a Durable Area Rug


Red rug opening pic

I was looking for a durable alternative to a rug for a high-traffic area (like my dining room) when I zeroed in on painted floorcloths. Pre-primed cotton canvas makes it simpler than ever to design one yourself, plus the options are endless—you can use stencils or stamps or even just freehand a pattern. I went for creamy narrow stripes on a poppy background laid out in a grid with painter's tape. Easy to wipe clean, the surface is not only practical, it's stylish underfoot.


  • Pre-primed floorcloth canvas
  • Masking tape
  • 1 quart exterior latex paint for base color
  • Paint roller
  • ScotchBlue painter's tape
  • Sample-size can exterior latex paint for accent color
  • 1-inch paintbrush
  • 1 quart water-based polyurethane varnish in satin finish
  • Paintbrush for varnish
  • Commercial-grade double-sided carpet tape