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Homemade Valentine's Day Decorations and Recipes


Dad and kids

Paper Flowers

Pretty paper flowers are the perfect backdrop for a table loaded with homemade treats and decorative touches.

Here's how: Hang paper flowers above the table with monofilament. Create a tiered centerpiece by stacking three cake stands, one over the other, and filling with decorated cookies, candies and cupcakes. Make a garland about 6 feet long by folding a 14-foot length of baker's twine in half and tying a knot at the end. Thread ends into a tapestry needle, insert through a blue felt ball, and tie another knot. Continuing to knot as you go, add a pink sequin, followed by a paper cutout disk, another pink sequin, a red felt ball, another pink sequin, five cupcake liners, another pink sequin and so on, ending with a felt ball. Pull the threaded needle back through the felt and knot. Arrange bouquets of small flowers made from cupcake liners, following directions on slide 3.