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Hair-Removal Tips Every Woman Should Know


Hair removal tips

We interviewed esthetician to the stars Renee Rouleau, who owns salons in NYC, LA and Dallas, on how to get smooth, hair-free skin for the summer. Click through to see her product picks.

Waxing: Apply to clean, dry skin in the same direction as hair growth and pull off in the opposite direction. Rouleau recommends removing strips slowly—although it might be a bit painful—to get every last hair. Wait a few hours to shower as hot water may exacerbate any redness. Bonus: Lasts up to four weeks.

Shaving: Start with shaving gel, which creates a barrier between the blade and your skin. Get as close as possible to the roots by gliding the razor upward. Follow with a moisturizer. If your skin is sensitive, look for one containing chamomile and aloe. Bonus: It's a super-speedy method.

Depilatory: Spread cream in a thick, even layer and let sit for five to seven minutes, depending on hair length and texture (longer, thicker hair requires more time). Remove with a warm, damp washcloth. Redness can occur, so avoid exposure to sun, cold water and perfume for a few hours. Bonus: Lasts up to four days and works on all hair lengths—even stubble.