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Celebrity Parents


Idina Menzel

Mom and Music Star: Idina Menzel

The award-winning actress and singer (her new album, Holiday Wishes, is available now) talks about John Travolta's name flub, her celeb crushes and how she lets it go on the tennis court.

6 Things You Might Not Have Known About Idina

"If I weren't an actress or singer, I'd be a professional tennis player, because I have a kick-ass backhand."

"The most profound way Frozen has changed my life? My 5-year-old son, Walker, now thinks I'm cool. That's huge!"

"My biggest pinch-me moments this year were singing the national anthem at the Major League Baseball All-Star Game -- 2 feet away from Derek Jeter! -- and meeting Bono at the Oscars. I screamed like a little girl."

"John Travolta may call me Adele Dazeem, but my nickname from my family and friends is actually Dee."

"If I could have a beauty do-over, I'd take back all those times in the '80s that I teased my hair up very, very high and used Stiff Stuff hairspray. Not a good look!"

"I'm not ashamed to admit that I really, really like The Bachelor."

Originally published in the December 2014 issue of Family Circle magazine.

Download Idina's new album, "Holiday Wishes," from itunes.