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Celebrity Parents


Celebrity Parents Scott Foley
Dad and TV Star: Scott Foley

The Scandal star spills some secrets about getting healthy and his love of Life (the cereal, that is).

6 Things You Might Not Have Known About Scott

"A few years ago I cleaned up my diet by cutting out red meat, dairy and caffeine, and lost 25 pounds. When I go to Starbucks -- it's a daily habit -- I get decaf. And I stopped drinking soda. Those 25 pounds have made a huge difference in how I look and feel."

"The one thing I can't resist is sugar -- cookies, chocolate and especially cereal. I can finish off a box of Life or Frosted Mini-Wheats if I'm not careful. I joke that anything I open is a single serving."

"I hit the gym three, four times a week for an hour -- any more than that and I get bored."

"Being fit means I have more energy for my kids (Malina, 5; Keller, 2; and Konrad, 3 months). On the other hand, my favorite mornings are those when they don't wake me before seven."

"I encourage my children to eat healthy and exercise, whether it's running around outside or jumping on the trampoline. But mostly I just want them to be happy."

Originally published in the March 2015 issue of Family Circle magazine.