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Celebrity Parents


Andre Braugher
Dad and Actor: Andre Braugher

The award-winning actor and Brooklyn Nine-Nine star cops to breaking the rules, a wicked sweet tooth and a secret (guy!) crush.

7 Things You Might Not Have Known About Andre

"How do I keep a straight face working with Andy Samberg? I let my mind go blank and get into a meditative state. Because the moment you actually picture what he's saying, you burst out laughing."

"My worst habit is hitting the snooze button. I set my clock early enough so that I can hit it twice or more and still get up on time."

"I cheat a little when I play basketball with my sons. They're 12, 17 and 22, and those guys can jump. Even so, I don't win very often."

"My favorite way to unwind is digging holes and moving plants around the yard, which I find oddly relaxing."

"If someone tries to eat my dessert, I act up like a little kid."

"I'm really good at making up songs based on what people say. Not necessarily a charming quality. In fact, it can get pretty annoying."

"I secretly wish I had a bromance with Fred Armisen. I'm a huge fan."

Originally published in the February 2015 issue of Family Circle magazine.